Intentionally Living Our Best




Intentionally Living Our Best

Why Join the CLUB?

The CLUB is a membership-based social and wellness program for self-proclaimed seniors. Our extensive amenities are focused on providing an antidote for isolation that often occurs as we get older.

The CLUB’s Day Center is specially designed to help you stay well while having fun. A place to meet old friends, make new friends, experience lifelong learning and enjoy a variety of activities—all in one location!

At The CLUB you’re not just having fun—you’re making an investment in your health—mind, body, and spirit. Your monthly investment will help you maintain your independence and vitality.

“The CLUB is great if you want to socialize more. Plus you’ll have fun and learn some new skills for living your best.

“The CLUB has opportunities for exploring creativity with crafts and art techniques. Give it a chance—you don’t know how wonderful it is until you come and give it a try!”

“Come for the camaraderie! Playing board games, sharing memories and laughing together! Laughs, conversations, games! What’s not to like?”

– CLUB Members Rhonda, Roger, Marilyn, and Wendy

Your CLUB membership will save you money with a one-stop-shop for all your needs. 

Programing, resources and amenities included in a CLUB II membership would cost over $610/month if purchased separately from various community programs. With a CLUB II membership, you can access all amenities in one place and save money!

Membership Options

Curious about all the CLUB has to offer or which membership is right for you?
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Full access to all CLUB amenities, classes and events

Access to transportation to the CLUB for $4.00/mile



While enjoying the same programming, socialization, exercise and activities as The CLUB, CLUB II membership provides some additional professional care that might be needed.

Full access to all CLUB amenities, classes and events

Transportation to the CLUB up to 3x/week

Assistance from skilled staff while at the CLUB, including modified meal preparation and help with meals, ambulation and personal care

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Monday - Friday , 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The Bacon Center for Living Your Best
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