The CLUB is currently closed with plans to reopen Summer 2021.
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Why Join the CLUB?

The CLUB is a place to help seniors stay well and live their very best while they remain living at home. A gathering place where you can meet old friends, make new friends, experience lifelong learning and enjoy activities.

Browse our extensive benefits and amenities to create your personalized experience at the CLUB.

Our Philosophy

At the CLUB you’re not just having fun – you’re making an investment in your health – mind, body and spirit. We know that self-care is one of the most important things you can do for good long-term health.

As a member of the CLUB we will provide you with guidance and opportunities to intentionally live your best. Your monthly investment in CLUB membership will help you maintain your health and wellness goals.

Intentionally Living Our Best



MAINTAINing a healthy mind

Science has proven that mentally stimulating activities like drawing, taking educational courses or playing card games improves mind health.


Caring for your PHYSICAL health

Caring for your body may be one of the most important investments you can make at any age. Physical health is important in preventing future health problems while also creating more immediate improvements like increased energy and feeling stronger. At the CLUB we make it easy for you to make small changes that are easy to add to your improved lifestyle.


Intentionally Living Your Best

At the CLUB we will provide resources to help you age well. Making it easier to enjoy the important things in our lives like families, friends, passions and interests.

Our Activities & Services

Every activity is organized by our Manager of CLUB Activities and focuses on caring for the mind, body and spirit.

Our manager utilizes community connections and volunteer support to make every class, session, and activity inspire growth and learning. The Activities Manager builds relationships with CLUB members, learning right along with them to develop activities and programs that specifically meet member interests.

Members also enjoy a selection of a la carte professional services – all conveniently located inside the CLUB.

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The Center for Living Your Best
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